Bitstream breakout

Dive into the world of FPGAs at DefCamp Cluj 2024 with “Bitstream Breakout.” Participants will tackle engaging challenges that push the limits of digital technology. Get ready for hands-on fun and a chance to explore the power of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Join us for an exciting adventure into the digital future!

The event is organised by Electron Team. 

Previous Experience

No, but you should be familiar with some programming language and electronics, and willing to learn new things. The competition is graded as a Beginner friendly activity.

Goal of the Competition

Learn about FPGAs.

Rules of Engagement

 You don’t need your own hardware.

/ The challenges are hands-on.

/ If any of the participants/team needs to reset a device, please announce the on-site team.

/ In case of a dispute, the on-site team will have the final decision after hearing all the parties involved

/ Be original, but also don’t “inspire” other participants

/ The prizes will be awarded in the order of solving the challenge (first come, first served)

/ Disrespecting any of these rules as well as any offensive action taken against any other participants will result in disqualification;

/ This contest is individual


  1. Bluetooth headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Graphite
  2. Portable external Samsung T7 SSD, 1TB, USB 3.2, Metallic Red
  3. Router Wireless TP-Link Archer AX53, AX3000, Wi-Fi 6, Dual-Band Gigabit


  1. You need to have an account on CyberEDU. Register here or login here.
  2. Authenticate in your account and click on this link (this is required only the first time). This will give you access to a private space called “DefCamp”. See the picture below.
  3. Join in the Contest and make the Pre-Registration. 
  4. Have fun!