Why Attend

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend DefCamp Cluj

Expert Insights and Real-Life Experiences: DefCamp Cluj is set to provide attendees with invaluable insights from top industry speakers. We are committed to curating a lineup of speakers who share their knowledge and engage in meaningful conversations about technological applications and strategies for business enhancement.

Community Engagement: At DefCamp Cluj, attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers all engage in open dialogues, fostering a passionate and learning-driven community. This unique aspect of our conference facilitates networking opportunities and discussions that cannot be replicated in online settings or other tech events, making it an ideal venue for interacting with senior IT professionals.

High-Quality Content: Prepare for two days of sessions designed to inspire, advise, and provide actionable strategies. With an agenda packed with expertise, DefCamp Cluj offers technical training sessions catering to seasoned professionals and those new to cybersecurity.

Commitment to Community Value: Since our foundation, we have focused on delivering the best experience and content possible to our audience without compromises related to sponsors, profit, or content quality. DefCamp Cluj prioritizes community value over commercial interests.

Quality in Session Selection: At DefCamp Cluj, every session is selected based on its value to our attendees. We do our best to avoid sales & marketing speeches, sponsor-paid sessions or “sponsor tracks,” ensuring our agenda is filled with content that genuinely benefits our community.

Dedicated to Content and Networking: To maintain the conference’s focus on content and networking, we prohibit recruiting activities during the event and do not share attendee lists with sponsors post-event. This policy ensures that attendees can concentrate on what matters most.

Non-Profit Approach: Any surplus income generated by DefCamp Cluj is reinvested into improving the conference and supporting other community events throughout the year. This “no profit” rule underscores our commitment to enhancing the quality of the conference and supporting the wider community.

Supportive Sponsors and Partners: DefCamp Cluj thrives thanks to the support of sponsors and partners who share our vision. Their collaboration is crucial for bringing our vision to life, benefiting everyone involved in the conference.

Valuing Feedback: We actively seek and incorporate feedback from sponsors, attendees, and speakers to continually improve DefCamp Cluj. This commitment to betterment ensures that each conference edition offers an enhanced experience.

Community-Centric: DefCamp Cluj embodies the spirit of a community conference deeply rooted in the cybersecurity community. Our conference celebrates this community’s knowledge, passion, and engagement, making it an enriching experience for all involved. Our commitment to inclusion enriches the conference experience for all attendees, fostering a stronger and more representative cybersecurity community.

Sponsors & Partners

They help us make this conference possible.


Orange Romania is part of the Orange Group, one of the largest global telecommunications operators that connects hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. With over 11 million local customers and an annual turnover exceeding 1.5 billion euros, Orange Romania connects 1 in 2 Romanians and offers an extensive range of communication solutions for both individual and corporate customers, from basic connectivity services to complete mobile, fixed internet, TV packages, and complex IT&C solutions through Orange Business

Orange Romania is the number 1 operator in terms of network performance, and also holds nine consecutive Top Employer certifications, which confirm that Orange Romania, in addition to the remarkable products and services it offers, pays special attention to its employees and working environment. In the past 3 years Orange has launched two 5G Labs in Bucharest and Iasi, that aim to support researchers, startups and companies to test their 5G solutions in advance. 

In addition, Orange is a long-term supporter of the startup ecosystem through the Orange Fab accelerator program designed to support entrepreneurs in the development of innovative products and their distribution locally and internationally.